Mississipi Million

The Great River Rowed


Heroes – No 1. The Quiet Architect

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014

We have begun the short series on Villains (the ever present ghastliness that is Mosquitoes), so it only seems appropriate to begin the short honour board that is the Heroes. In fact, this first entry should be Heroines, because the very first entry – the non plus ultra – is my wife, Julie Williamson. She is a girl of the mid-west, born in Iowa City, Iowa, and has lived here in...

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Four Weeks To Go

Posted by on Jul 6, 2014

I agonised about this trip. With only a few weeks to go before we depart for the Twin Cities and then only a few more days before the caravanserai of the Mississippi Million leaves for Lake Itasca, I was weighing up whether or not to go on a five day trip to the headwaters with Graeme Mulcahy (one of the heroes of the project, about whom more in a further blog). As it turned out, not only was...

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