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The Vexatious Question of Wings

The Vexatious Question of Wings

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014

Now, I would not like you to commence this enormously important blog laboring under the misunderstanding that it is a discourse on the often egregious 1970’s band of the same name, guilty as they were with saccharin classics such as “Mull of Kintyre”. Such was the appalling quality of that song that I have known drunken Scots ask for it to be turned off in pubs. No, this blog is about the one thing on which the entire team is agreed – we want to find the best wings down the Mississippi.

It was on the very first night that we went out to a bar that I suggested we try the wings. Universally accepted as a good call, we fell upon the offering. Hungry though we were, there was a divergence of opinion and thus was borne the challenge – could we rate out of 10 every order of wings we tried in an attempt to find the best wings all the way down the Mississippi? Of course, it is an intensely personal matter and we have not yet agreed on specific criteria. However we have agreed on the following areas for consideration:-

  • Chicken Wings Size – matters. Bigger is generally better, but not if they look like steroidal East German wings.
  • Quality – the bones must be actual bones that could support the weight of a well fed fowl. Not the porous, bendy, pathetically weak imitations of bones that you sometimes find.
  •  Sauce – the most contested area. Dry rub versus wet? Buffalo versus BBQ or, heaven forfend, teriyaki or something equally ghastly.
  • Heat – even if there is unanimity on sauce, there is debate as to heat – mild in a way that would barely raise an eyebrow from someone raised solely on milk, through to lip-blisteringly intense.

The debate amongst the team rages on. So we have a request. Please send us your views on

  • a) what you believe we should look for in a good wing
  • b) where you think we might find the best and why 
  • c) what would be the drink of choice to accompany the perfect wing.

Do they exist? Tell us…..



  1. Looking forward to introducing you to wings Iowa Style in Muscatine! They probably have Sam Adams at the place we are going but we’ll make some other local recommendations, too!

    Keep up the good work John, Paddy and team!

  2. ‘S obvious innit boyo

    a) Blistering pace and a sidestep like Dai Duckham
    b) Where: next to the touch line at the Millenium Stadium. Why: three Grand Slams in seven years
    c) Brains SA

    Damned if I can answer the biggest question though. Shane Williams or George North?

    We’re still hanging on every word here. Keep it up & see you in two weeks.

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