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New Orleans…

New Orleans…

Posted by on Oct 26, 2014

New Orleans, Louisiana. 25th October.


After 2,320 odd miles of toil, pain, laughter, wonderment, hospitality, friendship, kindness, headwinds, rain, thunder, lightning, tornados, blood, sores and Sam Adams beer, we arrived into New Orleans at 14.35 this afternoon. I have no real strength to write more just now, but promise I will do so soon. I thought I would let you know that, with your help, we managed it.

Much, much more to follow, but I just now wanted to thank each and every one of you for carrying me to the line.

Happy St Crispin’s day

JP x


  1. Fantastically well done. A momentous achievement

    • Congratulations from North Carolina. Which great river is next?

    • I’d say you more than ‘managed it’…..many congratulations on your spectacular achievement! Real life is going to feel very strange once you eventually come back down to earth. Enjoy you well deserved celebrations in New Orleans. Leslie and family xx

  2. An absolutely fantastic achievement. Thank you to you too for keeping us enthralled by the blogs. Have a good rest.

  3. Sincere congratulations John – a truly phenomenal achievement and incredible testament to the exceptional human being that you are. Humbled to have played a small part in getting you there. All the best.

  4. Epic!!! Congratulations!

  5. Well done, well done, well done !

    What a truly an amazing effort from all your crews and back up teams, but particularly Paddy and John. I am sure John, there will be so many experiences that you will turn into wonderful tales, after dinner speeches and perhaps even that frequently requested book. We all look forward to meeting up and hearing your stories.
    For Magenta I know it has been really the very best challenge and something she will never ever forget.

    We are all proud of you and for all you have done for Right to Play.

    Lots of love, Tessa xxx

  6. Congratulations to you and your crew and all your fellow rowers!!! You are truly amazing. Your strength and determination are an inspiration for all of us!
    Jeff and Angie

  7. John

    Huge congratulations from all of us in Dublin. An amazing achievement, of which you should be justly proud. We have followed the blog and have been humbled by the effort made by all involved and cheered by the success.

    Look forward to celebrating with you next time we see you and hope your hands are in a fit state to hold a glass!

    Huge cheer from here

    Finlay & Vicky

  8. Pritch you and Paddy have done good

  9. Fantastic! A great bunch of people did an epic achievement! Congratulations to all of you…and your families for standing by you.

  10. You Beauties! I bow to you both . Cx

  11. What an amazing team you all are. Many congratulations being sent to you all, absolutely massive achievement.

  12. John and Paddy, and all the boys and girls in the boats,

    As Charlie yelled, WHAT A HELL OF A THING!!! You have our greatest admiration, our deepest respect and boundless love. What an extraordinary accomplishment, from concept to the final stroke.

    It is an honor to have been even a small part of this inspiring cause to help Richmond and his mates.


  13. There are no words…

  14. Congratulations! Fantastic achievement. Which river’s next? Enjoy the celebrations in New Orleans.

  15. Well done both of you. In turn, I will come through with a six digit sum to match your effort and determination.

  16. Gold medal row. Congratulations John – what an achievement by you and everyone involved.

  17. Well done, you crazy so and so. You truly do have, in the immortal words of Tom Wolfe, the ‘right stuff’.
    My hat is raised………

  18. Congratulations. What a momentous achievement. You and all your fellow rowers must be very proud.

  19. Wonderful news! Well done John, Paddy and the Mississippi team!

  20. Well done everyone! what a great achievement.

  21. Incredible! Congratulation on an epic achievement and your big help to Right To Play’s children around the world! Amazing!! and a BIG thank you!!

  22. Dear John and Paddy and the rest of the team,
    What an epic feat! Thank you for letting me join you for two days to see for myself how hard the endeavor really was. Now go and enjoy and recover. Two remarkable people indeed.
    All the best

  23. I’d say you more than ‘managed it’…..many congratulations on your spectacular achievement! Real life is going to feel very strange once you eventually come back down to earth. Enjoy you well deserved celebrations in New Orleans. Leslie and family xx

  24. Oarsome!
    What an achievement. Can’t wait to share a beer and get a first hand report.
    Curry with the GOM around his 81st?

    • Absolutely fantabloodyamazing! I’m in oar of you all. Definitely count me in to celebrate with JC once you can sit down and raise a glass again.

  25. Epic result and adventure. Big congrats to John and Paddy.

  26. Bloody well done chaps!

  27. Well done John, Paddy and all the team, we knew you could do it

  28. John – what an amazing achievement. Sorry we can’t be there to celebrate with you but hope to do so soon in London! Congratulations from all the Olsens.

  29. Wished Gavin God Speed and good luck!…looks like it worked!
    Good on yer all!. Donation money well spent.


  30. John – Congratulations on a fantastic achievement.Can’t wait to catch up and have a beer or two,and hear all about it.

  31. Huge congratulations to John & the team on this epic achievement. You’ll be pleased to know John that we’ve got Sam Adams in the Club bar & have raised a few to you & the team in respect. Cheers for The Skiff Club.

  32. Inspirationally well done matey.
    Bermondsey breweries are providing better IPA than Sam Adams these days so come over and raise a glass!
    cheers, Savage

  33. Fantastic, fantastic! Great achievement by both of you. I doff my hat!

  34. Seriously impressed. Amazing feat, terrific cause – well done indeed. Would love to join you on next year’s adventure, whatever that might be! Simon

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  36. forum New Orleans…

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