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The Great River Rowed

The Finish Line Approaches!

The Finish Line Approaches!

Posted by on Oct 24, 2014

The finish is near!

John and the team finish their epic voyage at approx 2pm on Saturday 25th October and they’ll be exiting the water here: 

Belle Chasse Marine Transportation
301 Alabo Street
New Orleans
LA 70117

For more information on the day call the team on tel:  651 955 2438.


  1. Just wishing you well for your final epic push to the finish…have a fantastic party if you have the energy left!!… a big hug, and love to the Mulcs too!!

  2. Congratulations to you all. It’s wonderful and the most wonderful thing is the change you will make in each and everyone of those children’s lives. What a gift! So privileged to have been on this journey with you all. Much love, continued support and heaps of respect from theshortsdownunder xxxx

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